Recorder of Deeds

Terrorism and Trauma: A Journalist’s Life-Changing Choice on 9/11

Recorder of Deeds is the intimate memoir of a former award-winning journalist who navigates by dead reckoning a single day that forever changed the world and a decade that wrenched her family apart in bitter disagreement, threatened every single thing she held dear, and ultimately strengthened the tensile bonds of love.

Between 1999 and 2009, she traveled on assignment to the Yazoo Delta of Mississippi, to a Death Row cellblock in Texas twice, and to a seminary garden. She covered the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, filing dispatches from the chaotic streets near Ground Zero. Both of her parents died, Catherine lost her job, and her sister lost her fragile mind.

The trauma of those years resulted in long-term symptoms of PTSD.

Unfolding in Catherine’s signature lush narrative and in the flash and flare of real-time emails, Recorder of Deeds will touch the hearts of readers who will see in Catherine’s courageous journey elements of their own personal and professional odysseys.