Catherine’s Books

A Matter of Happenstance

A four-generation saga about character and coincidence

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Going on Nine

A coming-of-age story for readers of all ages

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Eternal Day

A reporter’s experiences covering the tragedy of 9-11 at close range, available by request at the Missouri State History Museum

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Voyage: A Memento of Love, War, and Ever After

World War II letters lead an improbable couple to love, marriage, six children, two sailboats, innumerable dogs, and a lifetime of stories in this engaging memoir.

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Recorder of Deeds

Terrorism and Trauma: A Journalist’s Life-Changing Choice on 9/11

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In this deeply personal memoir, a former journalist risks everything to report news of terrorism and heroism during one of the darkest days in America, then goes on to navigate by dead reckoning a traumatic decade that jeopardizes every single thing she holds dear. Recorder of Deeds is a story of hope and despair, shame and redemption, PTSD and perseverance, a memoir that maps the frontiers of personal and professional responsibilities.